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1 - Have your dish alignment and LNB (the receiver-amplifier in the centre of the dish) performance checked by an installer once every 2 - 5 years. Dishes do move away from optimum pointing after a few years of usage, and LNBs do degrade over time.

2 - Make sure the down-lead cable running between the ODU (Outdoor Unit) and DMT (Digital Multimedia Terminal) is the original Astro installed one - standard VHF /UHF antenna coaxial cable is not suitable - and is not kinked or significantly damaged.

3 - Try to keep this down lead as short as possible. Make sure the downlead oonnection on the DMT is still tightly in place and the cable securely clamped, especially if the DMT had been taken out for servicing since the first installation.

4 - Don’t try to split a single ODU feed between more than 2 DMT unless you use an 'active’ splitter that has an internal amplifier. Even this requires a qualified installer to achieve optimum results and the correct type of amplifier must be used

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Daddy Zuki said...

mmg bengang masa kita nak tengok favourite program tetiba hujan turun dgn lebatnya. Itu tandanya teknologi x boleh melawan kuasa Allah. Sabar je Uncle...