Hard and Smart

“Don’t Work Harder, Work Smarter”
: Ken Blancard

Common sense but not common practice...This will be the shortest speech in history because it's easy to be successful. All you have to do is work half a day. You can work the first twelve hours or the second...We have seen this sign:

"Don't just sit there, do something!"
The best advice I ever received was to redo the sign to read:
"Don't just do something, sit there!"


almanar said...

Cikgu Wahab,

Having some time to spare I wanderd around the blog world. There you are again, I told myself. Among teachers’ blogs your name appears often. I was curious and homed in to discover a number of blogs authoured by Cikgu Wahab. Calligraphy interests me, obvious from my emblem,‘Almanar’ in Jawi. It was done for me about 15 years ago by a very well known ‘Khat’ writer, a Dato’ who has passed away. On top of all you are an educationist, an established one, who has retired (according to your blog). I was never a teacher but education is my great interest.All in all I would like to establish a closer rapport with you, by e-mail perhaps, if I may.

Pardon me for writing in English. I am not proud of it, by any means, but my BM is absolutely shameful. The novelist Ali Jusoh once told me staright in my face, “Yang Hj tulis ni bukan bahasa Melayu. Tulis sajalah dalam bahasa Inggeris!”, and how he laughed! Lo and behold, you are an expert in BM as well. So let me not give you a chance to laugh at me, Cikgu. I know your English is equally good, judging from your blogs.This is just by way of saying ‘Hello’. I will be sending a note by e-mail.
Pak Cik (Berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan)

simantanguru said...

Thank you almanar/ Pak Cik.

I like the way you write in English. It's Accurate, Brief and Clear (I'm trying to learn how to write in English using this simple rule of ABC). I tried my best but still "ikuat acuan Bahasa Melayu". Like some people say, "Bahasa Inggeris celup". It's shameful too.

The art of calligraphy interest me, but I can only write in jawi without the art of the "khat".

my e-mail : wwwttt2008@gmail.com

chehassan said...

"plan your work n work yor plan"

Seri Suryati said...

Sometimes in certain situation we can use the Amway philosophy!! More effective in business. Keep it up my friend.

simantanguru said...

Thank You Seri,
"The Best of Times and the Worst of Times"

simantanguru said...

After planning, make the change! Hope it's working.